Mission Effectiveness Process

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The Mission Effectiveness Process provides each school within the Holy Child Network an opportunity for self-study and evaluation. It is a reflection on the Goals of Holy Child Schools by the whole School community.

Through this process, each School Community celebrates its heritage and its commitment to Holy Child education and grows in its understanding of the challenges it faces as the community strives to live ever more closely the vision expressed by the Goals.

The Schools dialogue with all members of
the community regarding their lived experiences of the Goals Their reflection becomes a self study document which is used by the Visiting Committee in their conversations with students, teachers, staff members, administrators, parents, alums, and trustees.

The Visiting Committee makes recommendations to the School which are approved by the SHCJ Province Leadership Team. The School creates an action plan to address the recommendations.

The Board of Trustees with the Head of School, in fulfilling their responsibility to the Society of the Holy Child Jesus for the continuance and development of the Holy Child mission and philosophy, ensure that this process is carried out over a six year cycle.

The process is directed by the Mission Effectiveness Committee (MEC) Members of the committee are appointed by the SHCJ Province Leadership Team and are from each school as well as at-large.

MEC provides an annual training workshop for the Steering Committees of the schools being evaluated and for faculty/staff who are interested in becoming Visiting Committee members.

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