From Cornelia Connelly, our foundress, we have a legacy of care and compassion for those close to us but also the world community. She operated schools and created an educational program where the uniqueness and dignity of every person was paramount. This was to be shown not only in words of kindness but in acts of compassion and justice.

Actions not words is the motto Cornelia Connelly gave to her Society of Sisters and to her schools. We continue this philosophy in each of our Network schools. In today‘s global community the needs of God‘s people who are hungry, homeless, uneducated, and poor are close to us, in our minds and hearts and visible to us through the media and internet.

Please join with us to act justly by linking to the following sites and becoming aware of the needs of our global family. Pray for our brothers and sisters and learn the ways you can help them and support the political, social and economic issues that will change their lives.