At the area track meet, students sell and buy lemonade to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. Left to right: Ted Antczak, Alex Richards, Sarah Antczak, John Lopez, Molly Meehan, Danny Deeney, Victoria Hiscott, and Chloe Zubah.School of the Holy Child
Rye, NY

Turning Service Learning into Community Relationships

A fundamental part of Holy Child's mission statement is the expectation that each student take an active role in serving the community outside of campus. Beginning in Middle School, girls learn how they can make a difference in the world. Across the curriculum, our faculty and students look for ways to integrate social justice and ethics into their studies. They also see that true change comes from altering social policy, and they make their collective voices heard through social action.

At Holy Child, our students respond to poverty, hunger, homelessness, domestic violence and illness by helping those in need. This past holiday season, our students and families served at three partner organizations. For Thanksgiving, families cooked meals for 85 guests of the Community Resource Center (CRC), a non-profit organization that serves the immigrant population in Westchester. Holy Child’s liaison at CRC is a former member of our staff, Marco Bohorquez, who served as part of our plant management team for over 10 years and is now the organization’s Manager of Programs and Workforce Development.

For Christmas, families and students purchased toys and needed gifts for 175 children at the Port Chester Head Start program and the Cornelia Connelly Center. Our seventh and eighth grade student reading buddies delivered the gifts to the Head Start program on their service day of reading to the preschool children. The Upper School and eighth grade students delivered the gifts to Cornelia Connelly Center while providing an art day activity for the fourth grade and eighth grade. Students from both schools met to discuss how the two schools can build on the experience to better connect going forward.