Connelly School of the Holy Child
Potomac, MD

By Academic Leadership

“To offer an intellectually challenging and creative program of study that develops a love of learning and academic excellence”
- Goal 3

Guided by the philosophy of Cornelia Connelly and her commitment to “meet the wants of the age,” our school offers a dynamic and research-based academic program that transforms students into globally-minded young women of consciousness and action.

Our educators support students’ learning by creating a student-centered academic culture where creativity, critical thinking, curiosity, and faith are cultivated daily. At Holy Child both students and teachers develop a sense of belonging to a community of learners. In our classrooms students learn by moving from one idea or concept to a new one, by making connections and elaborating on them. This is done through research-based strategies such as Visible Thinking routines and Universal Design for Learning. Our student-centered approach resembles Cornelia Connelly’s call for all Holy Child educators to lead their students “from the know to the unknown,” where there is “comparison and contrast between things abroad and things at home” (Book of Studies, 1863, 47).

This approach also requires innovative teaching and deep understanding of the most recent research-based methodologies and strategies. Our educators know that students not only need to acquire the academic knowledge at school but also the skills that they will need in college and beyond. Teachers integrate metacognition strategies into the fabric of their courses, making them present in our everyday learning community. This approach encourages students to be responsible for their own education and engages them in decisions about what and how to learn. Our students find joy in learning when they are actively engaged by setting goals, monitoring their progress, and reflecting on their own experience. Their teachers challenge them with creative and authentic assignments that prepare them for their future.