Spot Light

Design Technology Team
Mayfield Junior School
of the Hoy Child Jesus
Pasadena, CA

Erika Sears, Kissy Linao, and Justin Velez came together in the 2021-2022 year as Mayfield’s Design Technology Team. With a focus on technology integration, increased student agency, and teacher support, they have re-energized and updated the purpose and use of the campus maker space, the D-Lab, and its neighboring technology lab. More importantly, they have encouraged a design thinking model for every subject and made it possible in any classroom or outdoor space on campus.

As Educational Technology and Design Coordinator, Erika Sears oversees the development and implementation of Educational Technology and Innovation throughout the academic and non-academic programs, working closely with the Dean of Academic Life. Kissy Linao, as EdTech Specialist, drives the integration of necessary technology skills into all aspects of education through curriculum design, collaboration with faculty and administration, and co-teaching. As Design and Engineering Specialist, Justin Velez manages the on-campus maker space, the D-Lab, with a focus on developing design and engineering skills.

Collaboration is the magic ingredient for this dedicated team. Working with teachers and students, the team not only provides options and solutions but also their time with unmatched enthusiasm. If a teacher is interested in enhancing a section of their curriculum with a hands-on maker project or technology element- they are never alone. From helping to plan the stages of the project and possible outcomes to managing and supporting the students through the whole process, Erika, Kissy, and Justin empower all involved to utilize technology and the value of the process for deeper learning.

As a team, the three also help manage the 1:1 iPad program with application training and digital citizen guidance. A detailed scope and sequence document is currently under development, noting skills across grade levels from basic to advanced, including everything from basic operations, file management, and keyboarding to online safety, digital art, multimedia, and more.

Always learning and ready to try something new, Erika, Kissy, and Justin live the growth mindset they encourage in their students. The dynamic in their partnership is visible – and contagious!