Spot Light

Kristine Budill
Director of the Architecture, Engineering, and Design
for the Common Good Program

School of the Holy Child, Rye, NY

Kristine Budill has taught at School of the Holy Child in Rye, New York, for six years, where she is the Director of the Architecture, Engineering, and Design for the Common Good Program. She will also serve as Director of the new Leadership Institute in Finance launching next year. When she’s not in the Design Studio on campus, Kristine enjoys volunteering in her community, participating in book clubs, traveling, and spending time with family and friends.

Given my early interest in playing school and excitement when helping my mother design her high school classroom bulletin boards, it’s not surprising that I ultimately became a teacher. It just took me awhile to get here. I always loved math and science and knew I wanted to pursue a STEM degree in college. I earned degrees in electrical engineering and management science and worked in a variety of technical and managerial roles at large industrial corporations including General Electric and ITT. I then spent over 10 years at a private equity fund that invested in medical businesses I worked in and I was eager to mentor young women in the hopes of increasing their numbers in STEM fields. Becoming a high school teacher seemed like a great way to share my love of learning and encourage more young women to pursue technical and business degrees.

I am inspired by Holy Child’s mission to “develop young women of conscience and action.” This shared purpose has created a community dedicated to learning with an emphasis on how this knowledge can be used to improve the world around us. I value the School’s commitment to enhancing classroom instruction with trips to museums, universities, and companies, where students can see the application of what they are learning. I am grateful for the collegial spirit among faculty and staff and the enthusiasm of our students in the classroom, on the athletic fields, and on the stage.
There are so many places on the Holy Child campus that promote active learning, but my favorite space is the Design Studio. The access to a variety of prototyping equipment inspires creativity and the ability to work outside on the deck in warm weather promotes the idea that learning can take place anywhere. I love the fact that there is rarely one correct answer to the problems students explore in the Design Studio and enjoy seeing them collaborate to develop unique solutions, learn to take risks, embrace failure, and learn from it.

School traditions are one of the aspects that make the Holy Child experience so special and there are many, but my favorite is Homecoming. I love the way it brings students, faculty and staff, and families together in celebration of Holy Child, but also provides some great opportunities for class bonding. The celebration promotes the School’s diversity and is designed so that all members of the community can participate in some way. It’s a great way to kick off the school year!

I feel so fortunate to have found a home at Holy Child. I tell my students that when I learned at New Faculty Orientation that I shared the same birthday as Cornelia Connelly, it was the first sign that Holy Child was where I was meant to be. There have been many confirming moments since, and I look forward to many more years at Holy Child.